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Purpose: To provide an opportunity for individuals to raise support and be paid for internships they do for recognized charities as independent contractors.

Program: The program is designed to provide a valuable employment or internship experience for individuals who would like to be involved in working for approved charities.  It can also give these individuals the opportunity to begin developing a fundraising base and experience “living by faith” to determine if full-time charitable work might be something that they want to pursue in the future.

The Charitable Internship Program is structured as a Field of Interest Fund under the Joy To The World Foundation and will provide paid internships or work experiences with approved charities for individuals who meet the requirements of the program.  CHIP provides a means whereby charitable oriented individuals may receive financial support for their work in recognized charities, such as The Navigators, Campus Crusade for Christ, YMCA, YoungLife, Medical Clinics etc. rather than from unrelated secular employment.  The CHIP advisory board must approve the selection of a charity for which the independent contractor will work.  Joy To The World Foundation which is a tax-exempt public charity will operate the project.   CHIP enables family, friends, other individuals and organizations to support an individual involved in charitable work through tax-deductible contributions.  This program provides individuals who have been selected by charity staff for temporary work or positions in their respective organizations, to raise personal support to compensate them for their work with the charity so that they do not have to work at an unrelated secular job to earn money during the work experience.  Joy To The World Foundation functions as a service agency and the Charitable Internship Program is not a scholarship program.  The Foundation approves applicants and contracts with them to perform charitable service where they are.  The charitable contractors, like many others in the nonprofit sector, serve as fundraisers to develop support for the CHIP program and their internship or work experience.  The Charitable Internship Program of Joy To The World Foundation receives donations, keeps records of them and issues tax-deductible receipts for donors.  The Charitable Internship Program pays monthly compensation checks for the charitable workers who are self-employed contractors.

Acceptance in the Program: In order to be approved as a charitable contractor, the CHIP program requires that the applicant to:

  1. Submit a formal application to Joy To The World Foundation (click here for download)
  2. Complete a budget and compensation worksheet  (click here for download)
  3. Be recommended by a staff member of a recognized charity for work with that charity with a description of the duties and responsibilities the charitable contractor will have with the charity.  (click here for download)

All prospective contractors should complete an application form with a budget, compensation worksheet and recommendation letter from a charitable staff member and send it into the Foundation.  Applications will be reviewed and approved by the CHIP advisory committee of Joy To The World Foundation Board of Directors.  Upon approval, the applicant will be notified of his or her acceptance, given a Handbook and a contract (click here to download a sample), will be set up with an account number and the charitable associate can begin fundraising for his or her project.

Charitable Supervision: A qualified and appropriate staff person involved in the charity for which the contractor will be working, is required to supervise the contractor’s charitable work.   This should be the person in the charity’s leadership structure who will directly supervise the contractor.  Each supervisor shall sign an agreement to monitor the contractor’s charitable activities, to consult regularly with the contractor, to provide any appropriate guidance needed, and report quarterly to the CHIP office regarding the contractor’s charitable performance.(click here to download Project Supervisors Quarterly Report) The contractor’s quarterly report (click here to download Associate's Quarterly Report) and the supervisor’s quarterly evaluations shall be completed and submitted to the CHIP office each quarter the contractor is involved in the program.  It is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure that his or her supervisor receives these forms and submits them.  Compensation will not continue if forms are not received. (click here to download supervisor agreement form)

Finances: The Charitable Internship Program of Joy To The World Foundation operates as a service organization and as such, charitable contractors are required to raise the support needed to fund the charitable project with the Foundation in which they are contracted to perform services.

Joy to the World Foundation deducts an administrative expense allocation of 5% from each contribution to the project for its operating expenses.   While this expense allocation does not cover our total operating expenses, it does help to defray the costs.

To assist the contractors in maximizing the opportunity to raise funds, CHIP provides an incentive for a contractor to commit to the process of developing his or her support.  Initial commitment and diligence to the support development process will provide greater freedom to focus on charitable activity for the remainder of the time with CHIP and allow for increased earning potential for that charitable involvement.  To foster initial commitment, a total of up to 40 hours will be provided to a contractor for the purpose of support development to be used within the first two months following application approval.  The contractor may receive compensation up to 40 hours or up to 50% of the account balance whichever is lower for this work.

Minimum Requirement: A contractor has a maximum of six months after contracting with the CHIP program to reach the following minimum requirements for the term of the contract:

1.  $500 per month in contributions and

2.  At least five donors per month, the majority of whom cannot be family members

The charitable contractor must work a minimum of 10 hours a week.   The charitable contractor may be compensated for a maximum of 30 hours per week of work for the charity.

Communication with Donors: Tax-deductible receipts and remittance envelopes for contributions are sent directly to the donors by the Foundation.  Each CHIP contractor is responsible to recruit donors and to correspond regularly with them by means of notes or newsletters.  After a contractor terminates from CHIP, he or she is requested to contact their donors and ask them to consider giving one or more additional gifts for the CHIP operating fund.

Compensation Rates: The CHIP compensation rate is based on the work to be performed and is not based on need.  The hourly compensation rate for the charitable performance of each contractor is determined by the following criteria:

  1. The type of charitable performed
  2. Previous charitable and work experience
  3. The geographical location of the charitable
  4. Related education or other experience
A Compensation Worksheet for determining compensation according to these criteria will be used by the advisory committee of the foundation to set the consultant’s monthly compensation ceiling.  The monthly ceiling includes all remuneration for one’s approved charitable.

Funds that remain in a contractor’s project after they have terminated from the program or that come in after a contractor has terminated will be used for program operating expenses unless the contractor goes into full-time charitable service within 6 months of termination from the program.  Under no circumstances will funds be returned to donors or given to contractors who are no longer involved in the program.  Terminating contractors are to notify donors of this policy.

Because the contractors are independent contractors and not employees of Joy To The World Foundation, they are responsible for reporting and paying any social security tax or income tax that may be due on the compensation.

Joy To The World Foundation has exclusive legal control and discretion with respect to the use of all assets contributed to the Foundation.
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